Approximately 80% of men are unhappy with their penile size. Though statistics show that they actually have an average penile, men would try anything to add at least one centimetre to their manhood. Numerous health products, devices and capsules are manufactured to assist men accomplish their dream. But not all of these methods are safe or efficient. SizeGenetics was developed to improve penis size naturally and promote the health of male reproductive system at home.

What is male enhancement?

Male enhancement implies improving sexual performances and/or increasing penile size. Although you often hear of “male enhancement pills”, these capsules can offer maximum an improvement of sex drive. Furthermore, they are mostly placebo pills or products that contain hidden ingredients. Apart from being useless, they can also damage your health. But SizeGenetics is a powerful product that will efficiently promote penile enhancement while it will also treat erectile dysfunction naturally.

ED is one of the worst enemies of men. It is common to experience episodes of erectile dysfunction every once in a while. Yet when you frequently have troubles in getting or maintaining an erection long enough for the intercourse, you need to treat this problem properly. SizeGenetics will assist you to add inches to your manhood, eliminate erectile problems and bring back sparkles in your love life.

What is SizeGenetics?

Years of research and clinical studies have led to manufacturing SizeGenetics. This high-quality penis stretcher device was initially produced to hold the penile after surgery. Yet tests proved that it elongates penile shaft in patients who did not undergo phalloplasty. This medical type 1 device must be applied on manhood and the traction force exerted will promote the development of new cells. As a consequence, penile shaft grows, sexual stamina is improved and premature ejaculation disappears.

The scientists behind SizeGenetics tested the product for years before launching it. Soon after its mass production, SizeGenetics became a massive hit. Thousands of men have already tried it and they were more than satisfied with the results accomplished. Because this penile extender helped them to add inches naturally, the consumers enhanced their self-esteem and achieved a more satisfying love life without having to ingest shady male enhancement pills.

SizeGenetics components

Only most recent technology and high-quality materials were used to produce SizeGenetics penis extender. This medical device will deliver maximum results in only 6 months of treatment. It exerts 2800g of tension, therefore it will work on your penile shaft as heavy weights work on bodybuilders’ arms. SizeGenetics parts will quickly adjust to your size and boost the blood circulation in the reproductive area. Because it comes with numerous different components, SizeGenetics enables 58 distinct ways to use the device. Protection and comfort are guaranteed! Apply this medical product on your penile shaft and you will simply forget about it. Yet SizeGenetics parts will work and you will accomplish the results desired in less than 6 months. The elements are produced by scientists from Denmark and the USA, thus the innovative 3M advanced comfort plasters will resist to wear and tear. You will not need to buy any spare parts, as this male enhancement device will always preserve in perfect state.

How does it work?

SizeGenetics applies a constant traction force that will elongate penile size by inches. This medical type 1 device also stimulates blood flow in the genital area, which will lead to increased arousal and improved sexual performances. Yet considering that it is the most comfortable penis extender on market, SizeGenetics can be used continuously for hours. Furthermore, this stretcher works even from the first days of treatment.

After applying the device on your shaft, you will feel a constant traction. This force causes micro-tears in penile shaft and the development of new cells in Corpus Cavernosa. This is actually the tissue responsible with the erection. Therefore penis size will increase naturally by inches. However, the results will not be observed with naked eye from the first 2 days of use. You will have to wear SizeGenetics penis extender daily for 4-6 months in a row until maximum benefits will be achieved.

Many erectile problems appear when the blood circulation is inhibited. Diabetes, cardiovascular problems and numerous other issues can trigger episodes of erectile dysfunction. Yet SizeGenetics will stimulate the blood flow in this area and more blood will be pumped into the penile. The erection will be improved, sex drive increased and stamina enhanced. The sexual experience will be more satisfying and premature ejaculation will be eliminated.

How to use SizeGenetics

SizeGenetics components will adapt perfectly to any penile size. Attach one end at the base of your sexual organ and use the bars and rings to attach the other end nearby penis head. Stretch your manhood daily and wear the device for a couple of hours per day in the first few days. But from the 2nd week start using SizeGenetics male enlargement device for 4-6 hours per day. Regular use of this stretcher will work on your member and in 6 months you will succeed to add approximately 1-2 inches to your penis size.

Several men suffer from micro-penis, a condition in which their manhood measures less than 7 centimetres. This problem occurs in 0.7% of males and they believe that penile surgery is their only solution to increase their sexual organ. However, with SizeGenetics device they can naturally enlarge their manhood. Furthermore, they will not put their health at risk, as this system is 100% safe for consumers. Follow the instructions that will be delivered in your discreet package and in only 4 months you will improve penile length considerably.

You should not wear it more than recommended, as resting time is just as important as workout. The micro-tears produced due to the traction force need time to heal. When you rest these tears will be repaired, cell duplication is promoted and penis girth and length will increase significantly. SizeGenetics is, in fact, endorsed by numerous doctors, thus using it as instructed will deliver the results expected.

Benefits of using SizeGenetics

Apart from providing the penis enlargement desired, SizeGenetics will also boost men’s confidence and improve their performance in bed. This medical type 1 device will treat erectile dysfunction naturally and eliminate the occasional episodes of premature ejaculation. Men will gain a better control on their erection and their stamina will be improved as well.

This device is extremely comfortable, thus is can be used anywhere and anytime. Yet pay attention and do not over-use it, as it can lead to sensitivity in the penile shaft. This medical device was thoroughly researched before releasing it and doctors recommend wearing it accordingly to instructional DVD. Even though you have a micro-penis and you use SizeGenetics for girth enlargement, you will accomplish your goal.

A notable benefit of using this high-quality penile stretcher is that it improves reproductive health. Despite the fact it enhances sexual stamina and male performance, SizeGenetics also promotes fertility and increases sperm count. Both of you and your partner will be happy with the benefits obtained, as this male extender will enhance sex drive and ensure more satisfying intercourses.

Natural methods to treat erectile dysfunction

This treatment does not imply ingesting risky pills or using systems that can damage blood vessels. An experienced team of doctors and specialists tested this device thoroughly and the results proved that it can treat erectile dysfunction naturally. However, recent studies have demonstrated that patients who quit smoking and lose weight will alleviate ED and achieve a better sex life naturally.

ED is often caused by obesity, diabetes, heart disease, enlarged prostate gland, tobacco use and multiple sclerosis. Furthermore, an unhealthy lifestyle with bad eating habits and stress will worsen this sexual condition. Thus by removing or treating the problem, men will manage to perform better in bed. Adopt a healthier way of life, be more active and remember that many foods can stimulate blood flow to the penile and increase libido in a natural way.

Curb alcohol intake, stop smoking and exercise daily to promote healthy weight management. Do not hurry up to administer pills such as Viagra, Cialis or Levitra, as they are far from being natural. In addition to this, chemical pills for improved erections will cause numerous side effects. Headaches, nasal congestion, upset stomach, dizziness, facial flushing and vision changes are only some of the adverse effects you will experience when taking Viagra or Cialis.

Acupuncture for male enhancement? Although studies are mixed, many positive results convince men to undergo acupuncture in order to treat ED. This method is not suitable for everyone, as numerous people are afraid of needles. However, a study performed back in 1999 proved that acupuncture improved the sex life of 39% of participants. If you are frightened by the idea of sticking needles in your body, use SizeGenetics penis stretcher and eliminate ED naturally at home.

The most efficient male enhancement herbs

Rhadiola Rosea, Gingko Biloba, Panax Ginseng and Saw Palmetto are some of the most efficient plants for male enlargement. These medicinal herbs are 100% natural, thus they will enhance mojo without harming your health. Yet these active compounds will not add centimetres to your manhood. Though they will boost your confidence and speed up arousal, these herbs will not promote cell development in penis tissues. Many male enhancement pills contain these natural ingredients, but all they will enhance is your appetite for sex.

You could eat your way to higher libido. We all know about aphrodisiacs and their magical power. They work by intensifying blood circulation in the body and promoting relaxation. Furthermore, some foods can boost testosterone and pheromones production, thus you will become more attractive to opposite sex. Consume regularly foods such as almonds, asparagus, oysters, celery, bananas, strawberries, dark chocolate, chilies, cashews, garlic and spinach. They will raise your sex appeal and your experiences in bed will become more intense.

Does SizeGenetics really work?

Many potential customers ask themselves if SizeGenetics is fake or scam. Yet thousands of men have already purchased it and fulfilled their dream in only several months of treatment. The company behind this device has over 18 years of experience and success on market. Even more, the majority of consumer reviews are positive and they testify the efficacy of treatment with SizeGenetics male enhancement.

The benefits will become noticeable even from the first week of treatment. Although the cell duplication within Corpus Cavernosa is not visible with the naked eye, sex drive will be improved soon after starting using this device. The penile size in flaccid state will be increased from the second month and by the end of the 4th month erectile problems will disappear. SizeGenetics really works and, as over 90% of consumers have declared, this medical type 1 device will efficiently enhance the length and girth of penile.

Before and after SizeGenetics

Many customers complained about a reduced self-esteem before trying SizeGenetics. Stress is known to decrease libido and affect sexual life. But having a smaller than desired penis size made men reluctant when it came to intercourses. However, after treatment with SizeGenetics everything changed. The bigger dick came with improved confidence and higher mojo. Sexual performances are considerably improved and orgasms last longer, as well.

Honest reviews on SizeGenetics show that this high-quality stretcher is efficient from the first days of use. With more blood pumped into the tissues, men will feel stimulated all the time. Their appetite for sex will be astounding and their partners will soon notice the difference. In their SizeGenetics opinion the customer reviews have testified the efficacy of this medical device. But the best part is that this comfortable penile stretcher comes with zero side effects.

Is SizeGenetics safe?

Those who want to discover the truth about male enhancement believe this dick extender comes with negative side effects. Yet SizeGenetics is 100% safe when it is used as recommended. This system was thoroughly tested before its launch on market, over 18 years ago. Since then, it helped thousands of men to fulfil their dream: get a bigger penis and eliminate erectile dysfunction.

Use SizeGenetics for girth enhancement and you will enjoy numerous other benefits. Apart for stimulating cell development in penile tissues, this device will also treat premature ejaculation. Your problems in bed will disappear safely and all you will have to worry is the time spent with your partner. You will last longer, stamina will be increased and sensations will be significantly stronger.

Where to buy SizeGenetics?

This highly efficient system is available only in SizeGenetics store. Visit the official website and you will also receive special discounts when you will purchase this high-quality extender. Numerous happy customers have already tried it and accomplished the male enhancement desired in only a few months of treatment. Though you will have to wear the device for 4-6 months, the results are permanent and penile size will not shrink once you stop using it.

On the official website you will find all details about this device and its delivery. The product resists impeccably to wear and tear. However, you can also acquire spare parts from SizeGenetics shop. Many people were disappointed that this product is not available in traditional shops or other stores that sell medical equipment. But apart from having the stretcher delivered in a discreet package, you also have the guarantee that the system received is 100% original.

The manufacturers of this product are so convinced that you will be satisfied with the results, that they offer a double money back guarantee. Get your medical device from SizeGenetics official website and you will receive ½, 1 and 2 inch elongation bars. Furthermore, your package will contain a moisturizing cream – Revita, instructional DVD, Traction Plus powder for better use and even device cleaning wipes.

SizeGenetics vs penile surgery

This powerful product will allow you to improve male sexual performance at home. You do not have to go under the knife, nor implant fat into your penile to add centimetres to your manhood. Penis size will grow considerably if you wear SizeGenetics traction device accordingly to instructions. Although phalloplasty will provide faster results, this invasive method implies numerous negative consequences. Some of the side effects include: bruising, scarring, infections, bleeding, curvatures and even nerve damages. Even worse, the fat implanted through surgery can be resorbed and your penile girth will minimize to initial size.

Yet SizeGenetics will make your dick grow bigger safely and at home. Wear the device when and where you will want, because it is very discreet and nobody will notice it. The results of treatment with this amazing system are permanent and, besides from enlarging penis girth, it also treats erectile problems naturally. The benefits of using this penile stretcher include increased stamina, stronger and longer-lasting erections and speed-up arousal.

Do not waste your money on male enhancement methods that will damage your health! Wear SizeGenetics system to increase the girth and length of your male sexual organ naturally. Order your medical device from the official supplier and make sure you will obtain the male enlargement desired!