Male enhancement: surgery or SizeGenetics

Penis size has always been a great concern for men. And fortunately, they do not have to resort to painful solutions in order to enhance their manhood. SizeGenetics has been especially designed to increase penis size and correct any anomaly that could hinder a pleasurable sexual experience.

How important is male enhancement?

There are many anomalies like the Peyronie syndrome that affect the size of the male sexual organ. Such anomaly affects in a very negative way the sexual performance of a man. This happens because he is incapable to have sexual intercourse without causing pain to his partner due to the penile curvature. If such problem is not properly treated in time, it can trigger psychological limitation that will prevent the individual from enjoying the sexual experience.

Several men have their penis with a length lesser than seven centimeters. This condition is known as micro-penis. Such pathology could be triggered by hormonal problems or by genetic factors. According to scientific investigations, this problem can be corrected by resorting to the right treatment such as a qualified extender device like SizeGenetics.

Fear to rejection is one of the negative outcomes of a small penis. The man does not have enough security to find a sexual partner. Such feeling will gradually decrease his self-esteem, which in time will affect his daily interaction with others. Erectile function is also affected by the lack of self-esteem. Any man becomes concerned about the social expectations related to the size of the male sexual organ.

Opt for the safest option: Surgery or SizeGenetics?

For many years, surgery was the main option available for men who were looking for to enhance their manhood. However, scientific research revealed that men became affected by several side effects after the surgical procedure. The first downside of a surgery is the price. It can cost three thousand dollars, and if the male sexual organ is affected by additional irregularities such as Peyronie syndrome, the procedure price increases.

After the surgery, many men have reported the emergence of a keloid scar. In some other cases they have suffered an intense bleeding right after the procedure. There is also a temporal loss on the sensibility of the glans. In most of the cases, the few benefits obtained with the penis enlargement surgery are lost due to a scar retraction. If the scar retraction is too big, it can even decrease more the size of the male sexual organ. When this procedure is done by a non-qualified professional, it can cause impotence on long terms.

Men should not go through such a large list of downsides just to enhance his sexual performance. With that in mind, SizeGenetics has released a convenient solution to enhance penis size. SizeGenetics treatment consists on a medical traction device. It has been designed by a team of qualified health professionals.

If the instructions that are distributed with the device are carefully followed, it can increase the length of male sexual organ in about four centimeters, and the thickness in about 1.5 centimeters. With constancy on the use of the device you get to obtain the desired results without any side effect or risk for your health. Order now your male enhancement device and increase penis size in a natural and safe way!