SizeGenetics before and after

SizeGenetics extender is a device developed by health experts with the highest quality traction technology. It exerts a gently but permanent pressure along the structure of the male sexual organ. This tension exerted triggers the formation of new cells on the penile anatomy, producing the growth of skin, muscles and blood vessels. This device straightens the penis and increases its girth and length.

Increase the quality of your sexual experiences with SizeGenetics

SizeGenetics device is the only alternative to surgical procedures to increase manhood in a 100% safe way. No cream or pills are capable to provide the results given by this extender device, since it works directly over the tissues of the penile anatomy. Such work can be compared to lift weighting or exercises routines. During any exercise, the muscles are stretched. It causes the emergence of tears on muscles, triggering cell duplication on them.

The same cell mitosis takes place in the penile structure, allowing it to hold more blood during the erection. It has both physical and psychological advantages. On one hand, the male sexual organ is capable of penetrating deeper the vagina. It increases pleasure and enjoyment in both the individual and his partner during the intercourse. On the other hand, the self-esteem of the individual is boosted, something that allows him to improve his sexual performance and to hold an erection longer than the average.

Your sexual life before and after SizeGenetics

The manufactures have worked harder to create a comfortable and yet effective product. This device counts with a patented system that allows the user to adjust it to his needs and use it for long periods of time. SizeGenetics system provides fifty eight different ways to adjust the device in order to make it fit correctly.

In 2002 the International Journal of Impotence Research published a study that revealed that an extender device can lengthen the penis proportionally to the time it is used. Another study made at the University of Turin in 2009 confirmed the results mentioned previously. It just takes a few months to get the desired results. In average, users have reported an increment of two inches of length after a couple of months.

SizeGenetics applies a tension equivalent to two thousand eight hundred grams. It is the only extender that exerts such amount of tension. In this way, SizeGenetics provides effective results in a short period of time. It counts with the endorsement of many satisfied users around the world. Tim Shaw, a journalist of the Channel 4 of England, has personally tested the SizeGenetics penile extender. He resolved to create plaster molds of his penis in order to find out if there was an increment on his erection size. Astonishingly, he gained half an inch after just two weeks with the device!

Another journalist of the GQ Magazine, James Mullinger, wrote an article related to the results provided by SizeGenetics. In such article he explained that, although he did not use the device for the full recommended period of time, he still was able to elongate his penis by half an inch. Many of such successful reports are being collected around the globe, and all that is required is follow the instructions of use distributed with the device.